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Gore-Geous Ghoul – linia Monster High, która powstała w 2015 roku, podobna do 'Inner Monster'.

Z serii zostały wydane "The Anti-Styling Head" – głowy upiorek do stylizacji oraz "Beast Freaky Friend" – ponad 71 centymetrowe lalki z wymiennymi elementami i akcesoriami.

The Anti-Styling Head Edytuj


Beast Freaky Friend Edytuj


Lalki z serii Monster High
Rok 2010
BasicSan Diego Comic Con ExclusiveDawn of the DanceGloom BeachScream Uniform
Rok 2011
School's OutCampus StrollSan Diego Comic Con ExclusiveDead TiredDawn of the DanceKiller Style IDay at the MaulClassroomGloom BeachGo Monster High Team!!!School ClubsSkull ShoresSweet 1600
Rok 2012
Campus StrollBetween ClassesSignature - pojedyncze lalkiPicture DaySan Diego Comic Con ExclusiveSkull ShoresMaul SessionSkultimate Roller MazeDot Dead GorgeousDead TiredGhouls RuleI Heart FashionScarily Ever AfterKiller Style IIDance ClassScaris: City of FrightsGhoul's Alive!To Howl ForMy Wardrobe and I
Rok 2013
Picture DayNew ScaremesterSignature - pojedyncze lalkiSan Diego Comic Con ExclusivePower GhoulsBeach BeastiesScaris: City of FrightsGo Monster High Team!!!13 WishesClassroom13 Wishes: Haunt the CasbahMusic FestivalGhoul's Night OutI Heart ShoesDance ClassI Heart FashionDead TiredArt ClassBlack CarpetFrights, Camera, Action!Ghoul SpiritSweet Screams
Rok 2014
New ScaremesterSignature - pojedyncze lalkiSan Diego Comic Con ExclusiveCoffin BeanPicnic CasketFrights, Camera, Action!Ghoul's Alive!Zombie ShakeCreepateriaGhoul SportsFreaky FusionI Heart AccessoriesWe are Monster HighFusion-Inspired GhoulsSweet ScreamsMansterGhoul ChatSave FrankieMake a SplashI Heart FashionPack of TroubleMonster ExchangeFreaky Field TripGeek ShriekHauntedGloom and Bloom
Rok 2015
Signature - pojedyncze lalkiOriginal GhoulsLove in ScarisGhoulebrities in LondoomBoo York, Boo YorkHauntedMonster ExchangeGeek ShriekI Heart FashionFreak du ChicGhoul FairWheel LoveGore-Geous AccessoriesFangtastic FitnessBoo York, Boo York: City GhoulsLove is not DeadScare & Make-upFangin' At The MaulWheelin' WerecatsScarnivalBoo York, Boo York: Out-of-TombersBrand-Boo StudentsGhouls' GetawayGreat Scarrier Reef
Niskobudżetowe: Budget Basic • Budget Dead Tired • Designer BOOO-tique • Beast Bites Cafe
Rok Linie lalek
2016 Fierce RockersScream & SugarWelcome To Monster High (linia lalek)Shriek WreckedFashion 2-PackFirst Day of SchoolGhoul to BatGhoul's Beast PetComplete LookFashion Accessories Pack
Niskobudżetowe: Fearleading Dolls • Scream & Sugar Cafe Playset • Voltageous Hair Frankie Stein • How Do You Boo • Ghoul-La-La Locker • Skulltimate Science Lab • Surf to Turf • Boltin' Bicycle • Day-To-Night Fashions • Welcome To Monster High • Ice Scream Ghouls
2017 ElectrifiedParty GhoulsTeen HangoutMonster FamilyGarden GhoulsSchool Spirit
Niskobudżetowe: Fearleading Dolls • Emoji Dolls • Music Class • Party Hair • Lots of Looks • Dessert Themed • Electrified • Teen Hangout
Inne Create a Monster, Inner Monster, Pluszaki Potworzaki, Secret Creepers, Gore-Geous Ghoul, Winylowe figurki, Monster High Mega Bloks, Monster Minis, Lalki niskobudżetowe

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